2015 Football Enrollment

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Grades 1st & 2nd: $29 (includes new blue game jersey)

Grades 3rd thru 6th: $119 (includes new blue or gray game jersey)

Any youth group is built on volunteers and fundraisers to totally fund the expenses. An enrollment cost to meet all expenses would be close to $1000 per player without fundraisers. Very few could or would pay that amount. Fundraisers fill the gap to meet the expenses and charity work.

Game Day Concession Stand Workers: All families will be scheduled to work the concession stand at home games 2-4 times a year for one and half to two hour shifts. This is the only volunteer work required. If for any reason you can’t work the gate you can opt out for a $50 donation. If you don’t opt out you will be expected to work your scheduled time. Choose one option.

--> NOTE: FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: For details and options go to http://lakotastallions.sfl1st.com/assets/Stallions-Scholarship-Procedure.pdf or, please email through the Stallions website or phone 755-5771. Only when enrollment and equipment is paid in full will players be added to a team roster.

Optional Stallions Athletic Team Support (SATS) Booster membership. Details at http://lakotastallions.sfl1st.com/assets/Stallions_SATS_Program.pdf

The NFL CharityMania Fundraiser: This is the 4th year for this successful, NFL football-based easy, no work, fun fundraiser. Watch this informative 2 minute video NFL Charity Mania Video.
Tickets sell for $25 and we make $17.50 on each ticket. Every family is required to sell 4 $25 tickets.

The CharityMania Tickets will be delivered second week in Aug, 2015. Payment online or by check and ticket stubs turned in 5 days before the start of the NFL season even if tickets are not sold.

If for any reason you do not want to participate, you can opt out for a $70 donation. You must choose and commit to one of two options below.

The CharityMania fundraiser is required for every family except those who opted out for a donation.

We have a number of additional fundraisers that are TOTALLY OPTIONAL. Each fundraiser will have a value that can be used as a credit toward any registration and or equipment cost.

Any family can earn credits to eliminate or reduce all registration and/or equipment cost with no net out of pocket cost. 

List of optional fundraisers with value of each credit to apply to registration and/or equipment cost. Additional fundraisers could be added.

$17.50 credit for each CharityMania ticket sold over the required 4 tickets.

$6.00 credit for each Brax 4 pack cup set, 2 pack travel cup, or popcorn sold. [Brax Info]

$35 credit for each $35 SATS Booster Club membership sold.

$150 credit for each $150 SATS Booster Club membership sold.

$300 credit for each $150 SATS Booster Club membership sold.

Go to SATS Member Center on website  www.lakotastallions.com

Beginning Oct. 1st, 2014-Nov 15th, 2014, registration/enrollment includes a new Solid Blue or Grey Game Jersey with orange numbers and the name Stallions across the back in orange.

Fees Earned (Play for Free) Option Only
I will choose one or more fundraisers to earn credits to pay part or full registration and/or equipment fees (including this $35)

Check one of the following:

Equipment: $199 Includes Riddell Speed Classic helmet (highest 5 star rating) , and solid blue game pants with pads, practice pants and practice jersey. Feel free to shop and buy your own shoulder pads. Should pads ordered thru Stallions are $50 additional. Each new first year player’s family owns and pays for equipment in May. at Fitting Night.
The new Riddell Speed flex helmet is an option at an extra $150. Watch this video: http://www.riddell.com/speedflex#features/the-flex-system



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